The Astronaut's Tale
Launching January 28-31, 2016
Directed by Nancy Rhodes and Conducted by Nicholas DeMaison
At BAM Fisher (Fishman Space)
321 Ashland Place
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Breathtaking images of the galaxies and outer space ignite a modern tale of a young man's fascination
with the cosmos and his dream of flying to Mars. His adventure is guided by a mysterious
stranger who challenges his views on creation and fuels his desire to become an astronaut.
Romance and a compelling drive to succeed catapult his blast off into space, transforming his life.
Stunning projections, an exciting percussive score, and gorgeous vocal music give us a luminous
glimpse of a multi-dimensional universe and the majesty of outer space.


Now announcing our honoree on Opening Night - January 28th

Meet Michael Massimino (former NASA astronaut, guest star in sitcom The Big Bang Theory, engineering professor at Columbia University, curator at Intrepid Museum) with Opening Night Performance and Reception, January 28, 2016 for only $125!

• Priority seating for The Astronaut's Tale
• Reception ticket to celebrate our opening night with refreshments and savory hors d'oeuvres!

*Purchase premium tickets for Jan. 28th, 8pm performance


Featuring engaging post-performance talkbacks with the cast and
guest astronomers from the Columbia Astronomy Public Outreach!


Professors at Columbia University, David Helfand and Joe Patterson

Topics include:

“We Are Made of Star Stuff” and
“What is Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and Is it Real?”


Five performances only!

Thursday, January 28 at 8 pm
Friday, January 29 at 8 pm
Saturday, January 30 at 3 pm (Matinee)
Saturday, January 30 at 8 pm
Sunday, January 31 at 3 pm (Matinee)



Frank Basile, Lianne Gennaco, Eapen Leubner, Christopher Vettel

Nicholas DeMaison and Nancy Rhodes


Sets by Stephen H. Carmody     Projections by Lianne Arnold
Costumes by Angela Huff         Lighting by Sarah Johnston



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Listen to our radio interview about The Astronaut’s Tale with FQXI here.


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