March 2015


Festival 2015 Opening Night Kick-Off • David Schnitter Jazz Quintet with Vocalist, Marti Mabin.
La Vita Duo - Giacomo & Jeanai La Vita perform before the film OCCUPY THE FARM by Todd Darling.
Pamela Hamilton, Jazz Vocalist & Violinist with Norman Pors, Pianist
perform before the film ECO-PIRATE by Trish Dolman.
ECO-PIRATE post film screening Q&A with
Captain Paul Watson (on screen) interviewed by Ethan Wolf, Board President
of the NYC chapter, The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.
SKY CARAVAN - Milena Davidowicz, Violinist & Elena Panova, Pianist
perform before the film THE WHISPERER by Andrea Odezynska.
Richard Pearson Thomas, composer & pianist, and Naho Parrini, Violinist perform ADAGIETTO/PRESTO
before the film SYMPHONY OF THE SOIL by Deborah Koons Garcia.
Roberto Borrero interviews Georgina Lighting after the screening of her film,
Reggie Herb Dancer Ceaser, Soni Moreno and John Scott Richardson Native American Music & Ceremony
performers for the films: AMERICAN OUTRAGE by George & Beth Gage, STANDING ON SACRED GROUND 
by Christopher McLeod and OLDER THAN AMERICA by Georgina Lightning.
We are so grateful for our Festival 2015 audiences!